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NRNY Consulting, LLC is a NYS and NYC Certified Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprise.

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Providing long-term solutions to recruit, engage, and retain your employees. 

We get it.


This whole process is costly to your organization.


This whole process takes time. 


Without high-performing employees, your organization won't meet goals and won't have a mission.

Without investing in your employees, you'll experience a high volume of turnovers in a short period of time.

Without investing in effective recruitment strategies, you'll end up hiring unfit candidates.


Committing to excellence, high performance, and human potential is the most valuable investment your organization will ever make. 


This is where it starts...

"People don't leave because things are hard, they leave because they realize they deserve more." -Unknown

Increase Employee Experiences

Employees are searching for more than just a paycheck.

Develop Employees

Invest in implementing internal programs for ALL employees regardless of their role/title.

Recruit and select candidates using a holistic approach.

Every "qualified" candidate doesn't just have degrees; they have a diverse background and have worn many hats.

Be deliberate about setting employees up for success.

Create systems, structures, policies and procedures where everyone can win.

our approach