Consulting Services for Organizations

We customize our solutions to meet the needs of each organization and to develop unique long-term solutions. We will work with you and your organization to conduct in-person and/or virtual consultations. As part of our process, we do the following:

  • Engage in an initial assessment to develop an understanding of the organization’s unique needs and engage in a Q&A.

    • Through these initial assessments, we discover the challenges, areas of growth, pain points, opportunities, and current structure and processes.

  • After the initial meeting/assessment is made, we will meet with the organization to develop SMART Goals. We push to develop SMART Goals because it is one of the ways we can measure outcomes and success.

  • Data collection, analysis and reporting.

  • Create customized solutions to address each challenge. 

  • Provide thought partnership around implementation.


Consultations include but are not limited to:

  • Evidence-based models and practices to address organizational-wide challenges. 

  • Thought partnership and implementation to support with:

    • Human Resources processes, policies, and procedures

      • Debiasing the hiring process

      • Recruiting pipeline

      • Hiring, transfers, promotions and retention

      • Tracking hiring, promotions and retention trends

      • Exit interviews

      • On-boarding new staff

      • Employee engagement/experience

    • Management consulting

    • Strategic planning

    • Web design

    • Marketing and communication materials



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NRNY Consulting, LLC is a NYS and NYC Certified Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprise.

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