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Unstuck Leader Program

The Problem:

Professionals and leaders sometimes feel stuck and do not believe they can no longer grow in their careers. There are very few professional and leadership development opportunities for administrative professionals and leaders. Additionally, executive/senior leadership teams lack diversity and have little to no People of Color filling those roles.

Our Approach:

We create highly engaging, thought-provoking, and collaborative learning spaces that advance and empower professionals and leaders in all industries and sectors. Our consultants are experts in administration and management who combine the latest research, adult learning principles, resources, tools, and advanced facilitation skills to design and deliver transformative participant-centered learning.


Ongoing learning and development opportunities are critical to career advancement and personal growth. It allows you to be competitive in today's global environment, adaptive, innovative, creative, and flexible. In order to take a career leap, it requires new learnings, experiences, skills, and networks. When you engage in social learning, you learn, collaborate, and interact with others to increase knowledge, skills, and practices. Committing to continuous learning means that you are open to reaching your full potential at any stage in your career.

Our Learning and Development Opportunities for

Managers, Leaders, and Human Resources Professionals

Managing Self and Others

  • Creating and facilitating effective meetings

  • Career mapping

  • Self-efficacy

  • Leadership development & leadership voice

  • Capacity/skill-building

  • Change management

  • Being a systems-thinker

  • Implementing Design Thinking

Managing and Leading Operations, Teams, and Human Resources

  • Creating a culture of empathy, support, and success

  • Giving / receiving critical feedback

  • Leading with a Design Thinking mindset

  • Leading with a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) lens

  • Debiasing the hiring process

Note: Learning and development opportunities can be an add-on to consulting work.

Ways to Engage in the Unstuck Leader Program

We offer customizable and flexible solutions to meet the unique needs of individuals and organizations.

In-Person Learning

  • Half-day, full-day, multi-sessions

Customizable Learning Options

  • Through a needs assessment and collaboration, we can develop a customized learning option for your team(s)

Mastermind Groups

  • Group coaching to dive deeper on developing best practices and solutions, build community, create accountability support systems, and shift outcomes

Virtual Learning

  • Online sessions provide flexibility and increased ways of engaging in highly interactive learning oppotunities


Sally Hipscher, Vice President, JAIA Board of Directors,

"I am honored to have participated in Nadira’s Mastermind Group. Nadira curated the perfect vibe of women to come together and share our goals. She was very thoughtful in her approach in choosing our assignments for the group. As a coach, Nadira brings the perfect balance of motivation and support to get you jumpstarted in the right direction. This group helped me most with holding myself accountable for my dreams. This strong group of women changed my life. I thank Nadira for introducing me to a powerful group of badass women who became soul sisters." 

Kayla Cordero / New York

"The Mastermind Group experience is profound and Nadira’s leadership, coaching acumen, and thoughtfulness make it an extremely personalized and growing experience. Through the support of the Mastermind Group, I set and followed through on goals for the first time in a long while. I can truly say that the Mastermind Group pushed my thinking, supported my health and wellness journey, and provided meaningful learning experiences. My mind, body, and soul are stronger and richer as a result."

Jess Pulley / New York

"Nadira was an excellent listener who helped me break-down and hone my vision.  She asked good questions, which helped me to develop a comprehensive plan using SMART goals that enabled personal and professional growth.  I enjoyed working with Nadira and would recommend her highly."

Betsy N. / New Jersey

"Thank you so much for the wonderful JAIA Seeds for your Soul Life Coaching workshop, 'Unstuck Leader: Speaking Authentically and Living Beyond Expectations' that you conducted on Saturday, February 16, 2019.  We all agreed that the content and the opportunity for writing about, thinking about, and sharing our reflections throughout the workshop offered all of us continued insight and opportunities for the important work that we are doing.  I loved filling out the worksheets and the partner sharing exercise.  I am always delighted and surprised at the important observations and continued growth opportunities I get from participating in the workshops, especially, yours, last Saturday.  I know that our young people also value and appreciate the chance to reflect and grow, as well. Thanks, again, for so graciously and generously sharing your time and expertise with all of us. and I look forward to our continued collaboration in the future."

"Through Nadira’s guidance and inspiration, the Mastermind Group was the most profound experience I had this year. The group that came together bonded so effortlessly. We immediately became loyal and supportive in each other’s work. This group turned out to be nothing as I expected. What grew out of this group was focusing on yourself and standing in your truth, developing and starting businesses and a network of honest feedback. I could never thank Nadira enough for her guidance."

Pam Riley-Jones / New Jersey

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